Todd laser notes†††† - Sept 19th, 2012 Ė Part 1


Green & Blue wavelengths are now comparatively inexpensive and decent beam qualities.Where you need to make your budgeting decisions is on your red.640nm & 637nm are at the top end, either of which is what I suggest to give you flexibility with both graphics & low divergent beams.Here are some notes Iíve made on approx cost & beam diameters, etc to give you some ideas.Please refer to the perceived brightness info below to get an idea of how comparatively bright different wavelength choices are.


Red Wavelength



Beam Diameter

$ per watt


Near TEM00

2.0 mrad

2.5mm x 4mm

$ 1,500


Near round

<0.6 mrad

2.5mm x 3mm

$ 3,500



1.5 mrad

6x3mm:1w, 6x6: 2w

$ 2,200


Near round

1.0 mrad


$ 3,000


Near TEM00

2.5 mrad

5mm x 7mm

$††† 250


Picture below is a 637nm, 1.3 watt in daylight without any haze or fog.


There is a tool to compare relative laser brightness here: but this is more looking at perception based on the following graph.Factors such as a tighter beam and lower divergence are not taken into consideration, thus my chart above.



You mentioned you want a laser around 5 watts, so hereís my suggestion/quote:


5.3 watt RGB laser ( up to 6.5 watts actual )††††






637nm Red

1.3 watt

50 K analog


532nm Green

2.0 watt

10 K analog


445nm Blue

2.0 watt

50 K analog



Beam divergence 0.6 to 1.2 mrad, 3 to 4 mm Beam diameter, comes with 40 K Generic galvos (which can scan +/- 25 degrees, with a max scan angle of 70 degrees)

It weighs 25 kg, 42kg in the road case.Size is L:32cm x W:37cm x H: 26cm


Pictures of the unit follow:



If you prefer higher end 60K galvos, add approx $ 2,000 per unit & a delivery delay.



Laser comes with rolling roadcase.


Landed Cost including all shipping & import & sales taxes is approx $10,000 CDN per unit.A small discount ( eg: 5% ) may be possible when ordering multiple units.


Some recent pictures of actual output from the 5.3 watt laser follow:






Give me an email or a call to chat further on your timeline, thoughts, etc.






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PS:Just for comparison, I can also get you a 5 watt RGB laser for under $5,000, but it uses 655nm for the red, is not suitable for graphics at all, and has a lower overall perceived brightness due to the combination of the powers of the specific wavelengths incorporated, divergence, etc.But if you want info on this, do let me know.